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Behind every product of Mr.Moo’s is an inspiring story.
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Meet the couple
behind Mr.Moo’s

Mike and Charisse Mercado came from a CRU missionary background that gave them the opportunity to see the tough livelihood of tribes and farmers who yearn for a decent living. As they witnessed their struggles, Mike and Charisse decided to build a purpose driven social enterprise where Christ is first and Pinoy dairymen have a voice. 

Both graduates of the University of the Philippines Los Banos,  Mike took up Agribusiness Management while Charisse finished an Economics degree. It is not surprising that they chose to grow roots in the dairy business, where there are boundless opportunities to help and improve the lives of local farmers, dairymen from small cooperatives and shops staff alike. Mike is currently taking his Masters of Entrepreneurship at Asian Institute of Management to further expand the business.

Customers can choose from a variety of raw and low-heat pasteurized fresh milk and its flavored variants with myriad sorts of gourmet cheese, butter, dips, milk tea drinks, ice cream cups and other innovative desserts. Click here to check our products.

Mr. Moo’s continues to support more than a thousand Philippine farmers with its 12 branches in Metro Manila, 7 of which are company owned and 5 are franchised. Take part in the mission and have your own Mr.Moo’s franchise. Contact us here.
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Ethical Dairy Partnership

Sensitive to the needs of small dairy cooperatives, Mr. Moo’s purchases raw milk to give farmers and coops a stable monthly income. Mr. Moo’s shoulders the cost of products beyond expiry to help the farmers minimize their cost. This allows small cooperatives to provide fair living and proper working conditions for their Koop members and workers allowing them to invest in additional delivery vehicles and improve their facilities. 

You do not demand quality from people. Quality service and quality dairy products flow naturally from our very good working relationships with our suppliers and employees - mutually sound relationships breed superb quality.
Mike Mercado

Pinoy Dairy Integrity

Mr. Moo’s employees are taught proper product handling and shelf-life management. They are also trained properly regarding product-related inquiries to educate customers as to how they can best take care of their products given their travel time. 

Every purchase comes with Mr. Moo’s customer care and support. Just contact us about every concern, and we will do our best to make it right.

All of Mr. Moo’s outlets ensure that dairy goods are carefully stored in optimum temperatures to preserve the best quality. Products are packed in ice for free to safeguard its freshness during long travels. Mr. Moo’s lives up in fulfilling their product integrity,  “For Your Sake, No Fake!”

Choosing Mr.Moo's

Customers are assured of three things by choosing Mr. Moo’s. 

Fresh and Natural

Mr. Moo’s products are literally from farm to table! Milk is unadulterated, non-manipulated, and non-homogenized, which means that there are no preservatives and additives like water or powdered milk included. Customers are served with fresh whole milk. 

Aside from the freshness, customers are guaranteed with 100% natural dairy products that are even recommended to pregnant mothers, babies, and cancer patients. Dairy animals are given organic feedings like napier grass, rice straw, monggo leaves, corn, cassava leaves, madre de cacao, sugarcane tops, and molasses. 

Local Support

Customers who purchase Mr. Moo’s products give significant contribution to the improvement of our kapwa Pinoys from our local dairy industry. Purchasing goods from the business allows customers to join in the effort and passion of helping local farmers and dairy cooperatives. 

Customer Care

Our service and relationship with you are very important. Mr.Moo’s will always be ready to provide you with your needs from answering your queries, to choosing the best products, to packing ice to ensure freshness. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.