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Here are the things you should know about our fresh products.

Our farm to table system allows us to give you the best dairy value for money in your every purchase. Every other day, milk bottling and cheese making schedules guarantee that dairy products which are available at Mr. Moo’s outlets are fresh. 

Dairy animals have grass or legumes as part of their diet. Some feedings include madre de cacao, sugarcane tops, corn, peanuts, monggo leaves, and other organic produce. The organic practice allows pregnant women, toddlers, and people with skin allergies to safely consume Mr. Moo’s products. Mr. Moo’s has long-standing ties with pastry chefs, restaurant owners, bakers, and nutritionists who have greatly influenced its product lines.

Lactose intolerant customers can still enjoy Mr. Moo’s products. Goat milk’s fine and snow flake-like curds are easily digestible and have long been recommended by doctors for those with lactose intolerance. Our yogurt and milk tea product line are also alternative sources that are low in lactose. 

Since Mr. Moo’s products do not have preservatives, our dairy goods have short shelf life.


For Mr. Moo’s fresh milk and other milk-drink variants, shelf life is one (1) week for sealed bottles. Once it is opened, it must be consumed within two (2) to three (3) days.For white cheese, shelf life is two (2) weeks. Once it is opened, it must be consumed within four (4) to five (5) days.


Freezing of products prolongs the shelf life to one (1) month. The taste of our milk and cheese will still be retained but texture will slightly be altered. The best temperature to store the products is at two (2) to four (4) degrees Celsius (chilled temperature) .

Mr. Moo’s dairy products are good to go for one (1) to two (2) hours of travel time without ice if the temperature or climate is cool.


For hot climates and more than two-hour travels, our Mr. Moo’s store staff initiate free packing of goods in ice. Products packed in ice will stay fresh for six (6) to eight (8) hours.

Make sure that the products you bought will not be exposed to heat and direct sunlight. You may request the store staff to pack your purchased goods with ice for free. 

Once you reach home, put your dairy goods at the back most part of the fridge. Do not store them by the fridge door for the temperature tends to fluctuate in that area. 

To maintain the maximum keeping quality, store the products in the fridge with a temperature of two (2) to four (4) degrees Celsius.  Make sure to keep the products cold at all times.

Refrain from drinking fresh milk from the bottle. Instead, pour a preferred amount unto your glass and immediately store the remaining milk in the fridge. If you prefer to store fresh milk in a different bottle, sterilize the bottle first.

Freezing is not ideal for storage, but this may be done for longer storage keeping up to one month. The down side of this will slightly alter the texture, but milk and cheese will still taste the same.  Due to the non-homogenization of milk, you will also notice that milk solids tend to separate and cheese becomes a bit chalky. You don’t have to worry because these are safe for consumption.
The expiry date is for unopened products. But once opened, consume immediately.  

Along with Mr. Moo’s purchase is customer care and support, so do not hesitate to report this kind of incidence to our store personnel or message us at our Facebook Messenger. We have product control to monitor every production batch. Our store staff is more than willing to replace your goods. You only need to bring receipt and return purchased goods as proof of purchase. 

Discoloration happens when natural flavors react with fresh milk. This can be prevented by storing the products at its best temperature of two (2) to (4) degrees Celsius.